New Feature Released in Oracle 12c for EE – Privilege Analysis

Well to begin the year, Oracle has already released some features that were once sold separately in the Oracle Database 19c, 18c products.
It has now been released to the 12c version of the Privilege Analysis feature that is part of the Security area in particular DB Vault.
 Here is the link that talks about the Licensing part – click here and also the documentation to use this feature that greatly helps the collection part for auditing – click here.
“Privilege Analysis feature of Database Vault has had its licensing changed from this week to now be free as part of an Enterprise Edition database (EE). This feature used to be a cost option and required a Database Vault license. To use privilege analysis you didn’t actually need to enabled Database Vault but you needed the license. This is no longer the case from this week; Also i have been told that the licensing is also retroactive to all 12c versions.”
Hope this helps. See you !!
André Ontalba –