New feature - Bring Your Own IP

Now Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows you to Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP) address space to use with resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. BYOIP lets you manage your IPv4 CIDR blocks to align with your existing deployment policies, security, management and achieve:


  • Solution continuity and hardcoded dependencies
  • IP pool management
  • IP reputation
The Oracle performs a validation process on imported CIDR blocks, and after validation you are notified that the CIDR block is available for advertisement.


Limits and Quotas


  • A CIDR block that is /24 or smaller is required for addresses to be advertised to the Internet.
  • You can’t bring more than 10 IPv4 address ranges to your OCI account.
  • You can create up to 10 pools.
  • BYOIP is not available to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier or Pay As You Go services.
  • Your addresses can only be imported to a specific Oracle region.
  • You can use BYOIP with a CIDR block that is a minimum of /24 and a maximum of /8.
  • You can’t bring the same address range to more than one compartment at a time.

Requirements and Preparation

You must have ownership of the public IPv4 CIDR block you want to import into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and the ownership must be registered with a supported Regional Internet Registry (RIR). The Oracle validates ownership of your addresses. Only the following registries are supported, and the addresses must have a specified type or status:



The addresses in the IP address range must have a clear history. Oracle can investigate the reputation of the IP address range and may reject a range of IP addresses that contains an IP address associated with malicious behavior.




The steps required for BYOIP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure require significant time, so plan ahead to perform such an import.
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