MDS-00054: Undeploying SOA Composite when Soa-Infra is Down

Undeploying SOA Composite while soa-infra is down. 


Mainly this task is required when starting soa server, soa-infra application wont come up due to corrupt composite which stops the soa-infra to be in active state.  The solution also applies in the case where the server itself is failing to come up / stay up due to a bad deployment.




Check the soa logs and determine which composite is causing the problem and then follow the below process to Undeploy SOA composite by editing deployed-composites.xml


1. Download and copy the ShareSoaInfraPartition.ear file to $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin


2. cd to $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin and run



provide username, password and server URL

4. run the below command to deploy ShareSoaInfraPartition.ear


5. Now run the below command by changing the “toLocation” (‘/fmw12c/fmw12213/middleware’ is some location path on SOA machine)


6. A deployed-composites folder will be created at “toLocation” path with deployed-composites.xml in it

7. Delete the composite which is causing the problem and save the file

For example i am MediatorTest composite like below

<composite-series name=”default/MediatorTest” default=”default/MediatorTest!1.0″>
<composite-revision dn=”default/MediatorTest!1.0″ state=”on” mode=”active” location=”dc/soa_58b98be8-9ec8-41af-bb83-590f6004d1aa”>
<composite dn=”default/MediatorTest!1.0*soa_58b98be8-9ec8-41af-bb83-590f6004d1aa” deployedTime=”2019-03-17T09:01:54.750+05:30″/>

8. Now run the below command by changing the “fromLocation” (this should be the same location as previous)


9. Now bounce your server and the composite will not be deployed by SOA when it comes up and hence that should bring your soa-infra up.


Download ShareSoaInfraPartition from here: (Need an Oracle valid Account) – Click Here
All the best,
Cassio Mariani