Interconnect Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Last week, it was announced that Oracle and Microsoft have created a cloud-to-cloud connection between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft Azure in certain regions.
This connection allows you to configure workloads between clouds without traffic between the clouds that pass through the Internet.
OCI and Azure Interconnect services:
Limited to Azure East US (eastus) region and the OCI Ashburn (us-ashburn-1) region as of now.
ExpressRoute peering location is in proximity to or in the same peering location as the OCI FastConnect.
Identity side its common and well known integration between IDCS and Microsoft Active Directory.
Provides low latency and high throughput cross-cloud connectivity
Network Peering possible between Azure and OCI.
Multi-tier application can be partitioned to run DB on OCI and Application on Azure
Cross-Connect can be established ExpressRoute circuit in Azure and Fastconnect on OCI.
Traffic between the 2 providers over a private network.
Network traffic can be controlled using Security List (OCI) and Network Security Groups (Azure)
Link about official documentation:
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