Creating a Compute Instance on Oracle OCI

Let’s start our journey in the Oracle cloud


First we must log into the console the cloud.
In my case I created my account in Frankfurt, because I am using the services here in Europe.

You will be directed to the login of your Tenancy.  Enter your user name and password and click “Sign in”.
Now that you are logged in, let’s start the creation of the Compute Instance.
Click Compute and then select Instances.
Click in Create Instance.
First of a name to your Compute Instance, I put Database_19c.

Then select in which Availability domain you want to create your Compute Instance. I chose the AD2.

After that we choose the Instance type, we can choose VM (Virtual Machine) or Bare Metal Machine (dedicated computing instance).

I chose the VM because it is cheaper in terms of using credits and also now I do not need to in a dedicated computing instance.

I will write an article later, giving an overview of the main principles and basic understandings to work with OCI.

Now we will generate the keys to use in our compute instance

I recommend you generate a key using the Putty Key Generator.
 Click Generate and move the mouse until the key is created.

After it was created save a copy as Public Key and another as Private Key.
Now let’s add the public key to access the server after Compute Instance is created through SSH. Click Choose Files.

Select the file saved as Public Key, in my case Public_Keys.
After that, if you did not create any Virtual Network Circuit (VNC), it will be created automatically. In my case I already created then it has already been selected.
Now click Create and wait a few minutes.
Screen while creating the resource.
Ready your compute instance is OK.
Now we will access the VM through SSH.
 Take the IP that looks like for you in this item and open in an SSH client, remembering that we should use the private key now to make the connection.

In my case I access using mobaXterm, in Remote host I put the IP, select the username and type “OPC” and select Use the Private Key that was generated.
Ready server connected and ready to install Oracle Database.

Hope this helps. See you !!!
André  Ontalba  –
Rodrigo Mufalani (OCM)
Oracle ACE Member  –